Product Series

What is premium about Drawcans?
Manufacturing rigid Aluminium containers that are consistent in quality and reliability.
Classified into the following distinct types.
bd14569_.gif (82 bytes)  Aluminium bottles-Having narrow neck with various plastic closure systems for liquid and solid packing.
bd14569_.gif (82 bytes)  Aluminium can- With or without lids for capacitor housing and liquid/ powder packaging.



The series of bottles have internal thread with a mouth bore of 23.50 mm. It has a HDPE screw cap with a PVC washer as the closure.
An aluminium tear-off seal is crimped at the user end over the screw cap to prevent pilferage. This type is suited for packing of liquids. This design conforms to Indian Standards ref: IS: 9503-1988 It is also a widely used type of closure system in India. It is currently
available in a capacity range of 50 ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1litre and 2litre

EBO Series
These bottles have an extra broad mouth bore diameter of 46mm and are ideal for packing of agro-chemical powders, granules and pellets. This design has a winged polypropylene cap with a taper gasket made out of PVC or nitrile rubber as per the customer's requirements. These containers have to be sealed externally by shrink film or wire to make it pilfer proof. The winged cap can be provided with aluminium insert to act as an additional barrier between the content and the outside atmosphere. The wing helps in tightening the cap to a very high torque.



OTL Series
These containers or cans are wide mouth cans with or without a flange at the mouth to accommodate an aluminium lid or an easy-open end. The lid has to be seamed by a seaming machine like in tin containers or of the 'screw-on' type in standard diameters of 63.5mm, 74mm & 100mm.These cans are also suited for use in capacitor. These cans are also suited for use in capacitor shells with slight modification in flange dimensions. Any diameter upto 175 mm and height upto 350 mm can be manufactured against specific orders.

PIC Series
PIC series is a later development
incorporating plastic threaded insert
fitted on to the bottle neck with different mouth bore sizes.
The thread insert has a ratchet
mechanism, which locks the
top plastic cap as it is tightened
over the insert.
The cap when unscrewed tears
out the pilfer-proof ring.
The leakage is prevented
by an inner LDPE/HDPE/Silicon/Nitrile
plug or by a polyethylene
wad in the cap.
This Series also eliminates
of closures procured from different
vendors. Standard sizes are
100 ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml,
3000ml & 5000ml